Our stock maps are all taken from antique European maps in our collection and are available in a range of 4 sizes, all based upon European standard paper sizes. Each map will vary in size depending upon orientation, the length to width ratio of the map and the shape of the original. Pricing and approximate sizes are:

Extra, ~ 33″ x 47″ laminated, with tracked postage from Ireland: $285.00
Large, ~ 23″ x 33″ laminated, with tracked shipping from Ireland: $165.00
Medium ~ 17″ x 23″ with tracked shipping from Ireland: $95.00
Small ~ 12″ x 17″ with tracked shipping from Ireland: $75.00

Again, these are approximations. For example, our large Perrier map actually measures 23 3/16″ x 29 9/16″!

A laminate will be applied to maps that are Large or Extra sizes that effectively protects the surface of the map. It is almost completely invisible and is a much better option than glass if you wish to frame your map, because it is glare free and adds almost no weight. Smaller maps generally do not need it but can be provided for a small additional charge.

No matter how we try, pictures cannot do our maps justice. If you would like a small sample to see for yourself, just ask. We have a few available on request.

Maps take from 5-7 days to make and are shipped with tracked postage from Ireland. Delivery is dependent upon Irish Post (An Post) and the US Postal Service, but is usually around 10 days. Occasionally it can be longer, so give your map as much as 30 days from order to delivery to be safe. A tracking code will be provided. Standard postage to the United States is included with your order. For other locations or expedited postage, please contact us for more details.