"Perrier" Map of Ireland

Perrier Motor Map of Ireland

Perrier Map - Galway Area Detail

Perrier Map – Detail of Galway area

A fine mid-20th C. example of the use of maps in product advertisement design. The colour palette is very characteristic of the period. Originally a large folding map intended for motorists use, this map has good detail and is a great conversation piece.

Available in 3 sizes*:

Extra, ~ 33″ x 47″ laminated, with tracked postage from Ireland: $285.00
Large, ~ 23″ x 33″ laminated, with tracked shipping from Ireland: $165.00
Medium ~ 17″ x 23″ with tracked shipping from Ireland: $95.00

*NOTE: Sizes are approximate and will vary in depending upon orientation, the length to width ratio of the map and the shape of the original. For more information, visit our Options page.